Payment Methods


Credit card

Immediate payment method, fully secured thanks to the use of SSL connection and verified by VISA. 

All payments made through this method will be validated by your bank. Once the transaction is approved, we will receive an automatic notification of the acceptance of the purchase. The user/buyer must have a security key provided by his bank in order to make this type of payment online. Consult your bank if you do not know your security code: VISA/ VISA Electron and MasterCard/Maestro cards accepted


Bank transfer 

Once the transfer has been made to any of the accounts mentioned below, in order to speed up the process of sending the order, it is recommended to send an email with the bank receipt to this email address 

  • Banco Santander: ES16 0049 1632 5125 1016 1628/ BSCHESMMXXX
  • Banco Sabadell: ES48 0081 0339 9100 0155 9258 / BSAB ESBB


Shop quickly and securely in shops worldwide, all you need is an email address and your password. Our PayPal email account to make any direct deposit is:

  Cash payment

This form of payment (exceptional) is only possible when previously agreed with Avacab Audiovisuales, being the picking up of the order at: Calle Yunque,9 Nave 1A of Tres Cantos - Madrid (Spain) in the established schedule (consult).