Avacab guarantees, in accordance with current laws and the following conditions, all equipment and other products it distributes.

The buyer can address both, the seller Avacab, or the manufacturer of the product, to respond to faults that become apparent within two years from delivery.

When the lack of conformity becomes apparent after the first 6 months and those doubtful cases, the manufacturer may require an independent expert report to process a warranty. In obvious cases of malfunction or irregular operation under warranty, there is no problem whatsoever.

In any case, during the time that the consumer is deprived of the product, the period of the guarantee is suspended; for example, if a computer repair lasts 15 days, the warranty period will end 15 days later than originally planned.

When the manufacturer has a greater guarantee of 2 years by the Law, the buyer must process a warranty directly with the manufacturer once exceeded the legal period, for such cases Avacab is not liable.

Shipping costs incurred in processing the product warranty will be in charge of Avacab in cases where it is assumed that the lack of conformity exists in the asset acquired. You should always be done by following the instructions provided by Avacab request and acceptance.


Conditions for companies:

When the customer billed as a company (not individual), shipping to our facilities will always be borne by the customer, since the law on consumer goods does not regulate the sale between companies. In addition, the guarantee in these cases will be stipulated by the manufacturer.

The consumer may claim when a product is not in conformity with the contract:

  • The asset acquired does not fit the description given by the seller.
  • The asset acquired no use for the purposes for which consumer goods of the same type are used.
  • Not suitable for special use that would have been required by the consumer and the seller has accepted.
  • No quality and expected performance, especially given the public statements (advertising, brochures, labeling ...) on their specific characteristics made by the seller or manufacturer.


The consumer and user has the right to:

Repair or replace. The consumer and user may choose to repair or replacement, unless one of the two options is impossible or disproportionate. It shall be deemed disproportionate having a higher cost. You can not replace non-expendable property (when they are specific in nature) or second-hand. Both repair and replacement must be made within a reasonable time and totally free for the consumer.

Currently there are many manufacturers who directly manage faults/defects/incidents arising in their products to provide after-sales service quality and reduce time. In these cases Avacab indicate the instructions of how to arrange for easy management.

Price reduction or termination of the contract. They will come when the consumer and user may not require repair or replacement and in cases which had not been carried out in or without significant inconvenience to the consumer and user a reasonable time. The resolution does not apply when the lack of conformity is minor.


Cancellation of guarantees:

The guarantee may be canceled by the following causes:

  • Improper use, handling or maintenance by Customer.
  • Software problems and/or viruses.
  • Components burned by surges or electrical current surges.
  • Broken or damaged components subjected to impact.
  • Improper repair, modification or extension by the customer.
  • Deterioration, removal or concealment by the customer, of the products manufacturer's warranty label (including those forming part of a team, or semiequipo kit) manufactured or distributed by Avacab.
  • In short, no damaged or with visible evidence of improper handling equipment will not be accepted.


The warranty does not cover

The warranty does not cover defects caused by misuse of the product. In such cases the consumer will be responsible for repair. Are therefore excluded from the guarantee:

  • Defects and damage caused by external events, accidents, electrical accidents mainly due to wear and use not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Products modified or repaired by the customer or any other unauthorized person.
  • Incorrect configuration software / hardware, by the customer, a computer component or peripheral. Incorrect configuration software / hardware or a computer malfunction caused by a component not provided by Avacab and incorporated by the customer.
  • Computer virus infection, by the customer, on computers, hard drives or floppy drivers or additional software.

The repair of the above cases be billed.

These warranty terms do not affect consumer's statutory rights protected by applicable law. Furthermore, warranty act concerning hidden defects and manufacturing defects of the product according to Article 1490 of the CC.


Warranty claims

The consumer and user will process the warranty by contacting Avacab. However, there are certain manufacturers who directly manage faults/defects/incidents arising in their products to provide after-sales service quality and reduce time. In this case, the customer may choose to take or send the damaged directly to SAT product manufacturer, usually at no cost to the customer.

If the product is shipped to Avacab in perfect conditions and the problem is configuration, the customer will be returned freight collect and can bill the labor employed in the test of the article allegedly defective.