Nanguang CN-60F Fresnel LED light 5600lm with dimmer

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Nanguang CN-60F Fresnel LED light 5600lm with dimmer

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Fresnel LED spotlight of high quality that integrates a Led COB of low consumption and high efficiency, for its prolonged use in sessions of work of long duration. It allows maximum control of lighting in photography, video and television, both in the studio and outdoors, as it has variable lighting angle, flaps and removable Fresnel lens for use with light modifiers.

A bright LED light with a colour temperature of 5,600ºK and a colour rendering index of CRI95, which brings it closer to perfection when it comes to represent natural colours of the scene. This LED light bulb works without a fan, making it silent for use in video productions.

Features of Nanguang CN-60F Fresnel LED Spotlight

  • Luminosity of 5,600 lumens
  • 60W power consumption
  • Variable illumination angle from 12º to 55º, Flood (diffuse light) / Spot (concentrated light)
  • Fins for precise control of the illumination field
  • Removable Fresnel lens
  • Daylight color temperature of 5.600ºK
  • High Colour rendering index: CRI95
  • High Color Index in Cinema/Television Lighting: 94 TLCI
  • Continuous brightness dimmer
  • Frequency channel selector
  • Digital display that informs about power and frequency channel
  • No built-in fan, quiet for recording use
  • U-shaped metal bracket with 360° rotation for total control of light direction
  • Integrated 2.4G Wi-Fi for remote control via the optional CN-A2.4G remote control or via the NanGuang WiFi Led lighting Controller app via the NanGuang WiFi 2.4G Control Box (not included).
  • Mains or battery power supply (via additional adapter)
  • Colour compensation filters for 3,200ºK, 4,000ºK, 4,800ºK.
  • Includes: Fresnel Led CN-60F with U-arm, fins, colour filters (3,200ºK, 4,000ºK, 5,600ºK), mains power supply, user manual, transport case.

Other features:

  • Led COB (1 piece)
  • Colour temperature 5.600 K
  • Illuminance Spot 12° Flood 55°
    • 22,750 lx at 1m 11,910 lx at 1m
    • 4,700 lx at 2m 2,500 lx at 2m
    • 1,850 lx at 3m 1,050 lx at 3m
    • 984 lx at 4m 570 lx at 4m
    • 610 lx at 5m 362 lx at 5m
  • Dimmer brightness control, WiFi, 2.4G
  • Mains supply 100-240V AC 12-18V DC
  • Dimensions (length × width × height) 38 × 20,5 × 17 cm
  • Weight 2,5 kg


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