Digital Storage


In the Digital Storage category you will find the necessary equipment and accessories to record the video signals with which you work regularly. Gone are the magnetic tapes that recorded analogue composite or component signals. At present, even traditional hard disks are being replaced by solid state disks (SSD) that have no moving parts and therefore have no mechanical faults, in addition to that the access times are much shorter than in the originals HDD. Not only hard disks have evolved, SD and CompactFlash memory cards have given way to SDHC or SDXC and CFast, which significantly reduce the time needed to access the medium, whether to record or play. Mention apart require P2 cards, which have been set as the standard recording medium in the ENGs of all Broadcaster.

The evolution of video formats to very high definitions has created the need for equipment capable of recording UHD or 4K, for which it is necessary to have 6G or 12G-SDI connections, either by coaxial cable or even directly, fiber optic inputs and outputs. The manufacturers develop codecs that allow, using relatively little space, to record the signal using lossless compression, which optimizes the disk space and accelerates the workflow.

In Avacab we have multiple alternatives for any need to record images, from monitors that incorporate recording to disk or memory card, to systems that can record 4K using connections of the highest quality in optical fiber. Our technical department can advise you on the best solution for each specific need, adjusting to your budget.