Converters are the most commonly used equipment today. The proliferation of formats and types of signal has made the converters a practically essential element in any fixed or eventual installation.

Conversion is required when the format of the signal available and the input does not match. It is usual that we are working with a computer with analog output, VGA usually, and we need to do the presentation on a screen that does not have VGA input, only HDMI.

It may also happen that we have a computer that provides the output on HDMI 720p and we need to enter to a screen with SDI 1080p input. In this case we need the converter, in addition to passing the signal type from HDMI to SDI, perform a signal format conversion, adapting the resolutions and therefore the frequencies. This last conversion is known as scale because the output is an scaled copy from the signal at the input.

There are hundreds of equipments in the market that can perform the conversion task, but the conditions of use and the type of signals determine which is the most appropriate at any given time. The same is not required for a home converter than for a professional converter. Neither one of sporadic use than a one that will be running 24 hours a day and passing through the emission signal or that of an important event.

Avacab's technical department can advise you on the best option for each specific project and offer you alternatives that adapt to both technical and budget needs. If you are a professional, we can offer you special discounts on prices published on the web. Ask us any questions or request a quotation of the material you need, we are at your service.