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AJA FS-Mini Frame synchronizer and scaler

Product no.: AJA-FS-Mini

Broadcast quality frame synchronizer. SDI input up to 3G. SDI and HDMI output with separate RCA audio. Reference input


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Atlona AT-HD120 Composite to HDMI Converter and Scaler

Product no.: ATL-AT-HD120

Composite Video and Audio to HDMI Video Converter and Scaler. Selectable resolutions available up to 1080p or 1600x1200. Compatible PAL/NTSC


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ATLONA AT-HD-SC-500 HDMI/VGA to HDMI Scaler/Switcher

Product no.: ATL-AT-HD-SC500

Scaler with 3×1 switcher for HDMI and VGA signals. 2x HDMI inputs and a VGA input. Resolutions up to 1080p/60Hz and WUXGA


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Datavideo DAC-70 SDI and HDMI Up/Down/Cross Converter

Product no.: DTV-DAC70

VGA or HDMI converter to SDI with scaler. Supports all video formats up to 1080p and most of graphic formats

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Matrox Convert DVI Plus DVI to SDI Scaler

Product no.: MAT-CONVERT-DVI

DVI to HD-SDI Scan Converter with Genlock and Region-of-Interest Support. Composite, S-Video, Component or SDI Output


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TVONE 1T-VS-658 Multiformat to HDMI scaler

Product no.: TVO-1T-VS-658

Multiformat Converter/Scaler to HDMI. HDMI, DVI, RGB, YUV, YC and Composite Video inputs. HDMI output. Supports up to 1080p or WUXGA


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Datavideo DAC-50S - SDI to Analogue Cross Converter

Product no.: DTV-DAC50S

HD & SD-SDI to Y:U:V Component & Composite Video signal converter with built in up/down scaling


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TVONE 1T-VS-624 VGA to HDMI Scaler w/ Audio Embedding

Product no.: TVO-1T-VS-624

VGA to HDMI scaler with embedded audio capability. Compatible with multiple standard RGB resolutions up to WUXGA


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TVONE 1T-VS-622 Video to HDMI Scaler

Product no.: TVO-1T-VS622

Video to HDMI scaler. Converts analogue signals from standard composite or S-Video to HDMI HD up to 1080p


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AJA 4K2HD - 4K to HDSDI and HDMI Downconverter

Product no.: AJA-4K2HD

Down-converts SDI 4K/UHD signals to HD resolution using high-quality scaling. Simultaneous SDI and HDMI outputs


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TVONE 1T-V1280DVI Analog to DVI video scaler

Product no.: TVO-1T-V1280DVI

Analog video Scaler Up-Converter composite, S-Video and YUV to DVI-D with resolution 1280x1024 or 1080i


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Blackmagic Teranex Express - UHD Processor


Video processor. Converts signals to different formats in SD, HD and UHD. SDI inputs and outputs up to UHD. Optional Fibre optic I/O


1,260.00 *

ROLAND VC-1-SC Up/Down/Cross Scaler

Product no.: ROL-VC-1-SC

Up/Down/Cross Scan Converter to SDI/HDMI with Frame Sync. 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Composite, RGB/Component Input. Scan Converter and frame syncronizer


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Cypress CS-801H Ultra High Resolution Scaler with 3D

Product no.: CYP-CS801H

Video Processor/Scaler. HDMI, DisplayPort and PC/Component inputs. Allows to convert 3D signals to 2D


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TVONE 1T-C2-520 DVI-I to SD/HD-SDI Converter

Product no.: TVO-1T-C2-520

High performance DVI-D 720p or 1080i HD to HD-SDI video converter for professional and broadcast users


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1 - 15 of 63 results