Twisted Pair CAT

Twisted Pair CAT

Extensores de Señal por Par Trenzado CATTwisted Pair signal extenders, also called CAT Extenders, use the cable that is used in computer networks to perform structured cabling installations. Given the high consumption of this cable, its price is very economical and choosing the right cable, the results are very good up to distances of about 100 meters.

It is necessary to use an extender when the own signal cable is not able to carry the signal to the necessary distance. Currently, with digital signals such as HDMI or DVI, the extenders are needed from 10 meters.

In the CAT cable extenders we can distinguish three variants, each with its characteristics and performance. The proper choice of the type of extender can save us money and problems.

In short-range extensions, up to 60m working at maximum 1920x1200, we can use traditional extenders that transform the incoming signal into balanced signal, suitable for sending by a pair of data. These extenders require that the cable connecting the transmitter and receiver is Cat.5e, since in this cable all pairs have the same braid turns per meter. Otherwise, different delays will occur between each signal and we will obtain a result similar to a horizontal convergence mismatch, in which the three basic colors can be distinguished at the image edges.

The latest generation of balanced transmitters uses data transmission in digital format TMDS, which slightly improves the distance (about 80 meters) and which, given the digital character with clock transmission, is capable of regenerating the signal without the artifacts of the direct conversion to balanced that we discussed before. These transmitters already allow the use of Cat.6 cables, but be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations in this regard.

The second format of CAT cable extenders is known as HDBaseT extenders, capable of transmitting signals up to 4K at distances up to 100 meters. The HDBaseT is a digital modulation transmission format, which is capable of transmitting not only the video signal, but can transmit audio, control, Ethernet and power using a single Cat.6 cable. The transmitters and receivers of this technology are somewhat more expensive than the previous ones of short distance, but in its installation we saved a lot of wiring and the consequent work of installation. In addition, there is a reduced version of the protocol, which does not transport Ethernet and reaches 70 meters, known as HDBaseT Lite, which is more economical.

Finally, a high-resolution IP video transmitters have recently appeared under a new SMPTE standard. This format fully integrates the computer world with the audiovisual in the distribution of signals since, using a network infrastructure made with Cat.6 and a Giga Ethernet Switch, it is possible to distribute multiple signals to multiple destinations, all in Resolutions UHD and 4k. The price of one of these systems is much lower than the equivalent using HDMI or HDBaseT matrix switchers. The range is 100 meters between devices, which means 100 meters from the transmitter to the Switch and another 100 meters from this to the viewing points.

From Avacab we will advise you on the means of signal transmission that best adapts to the specific need, all of this adapting to the budget you have. If you are a professional, get in touch with us so that we can offer you special prices.