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Digital Recorders category at Avacab AudiovisualesThe success of any video work lies, after capture, in that the recording of images is the best possible. Magnetic tape recorders, with their many limitations, have been replaced by digital recorders on traditional or solid state hard drives and memory cards in any of its formats: SD, Compact Flash, CFast or P2. New recording media, added to the recording on digital formats, ensure that contents generated remain unchanged, for many generations that the postproduction process needs, while the storage of information for later use is guaranteed in computer systems which, why not, will be in the cloud.

Most cameras, from domestic to professional, have a recording system, usually on a card. Memory cards have been gaining capacity and reducing access time, making them the ideal support for price, size and availability, for the recording of camera contents. Any computer has a card reader and if you do not have it, an external device is inexpensive and easy to integrate. When the camera does not have its own recorder, there are external recorders that offer this support. Most of them are based on very high performance monitors, valid as frame and quality reference, that using the HDMI or SDI camera output, allow recording to memory cards or hard disks.

But when it is necessary to record the program output of a mobile unit or studio, we can register in stationary devices, which allow continuous recording, disc after disc, of the generated signal. These devices work on HDD or SSD discs, in order to have the maximum capacity of recording and to facilitate its handling.

Typically, in order to optimize storage space, recording is performed using high-performance codecs that do not degrade the signal but significantly reduce the space required for recording. The most common formats on external recorders are Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD. To give you an idea, recording one hour of 1080p/50 video in a RAW format (uncompressed) is 500 Megabytes of space, while using High Quality ProRes or DNxHD, this space is reduced to approximately 200 Megabytes, less of one half.

For direct camera recording, each manufacturer sets their preferences, usually because it is their own development. Thus we will find cameras that record in AVC or DV and cameras that record in HDCAM or XDCAM. The smaller compression formats require specific memory cards like CFast and Solid-State hard drives with very short access times and the codecs used are manufacturer-specific.

The Avacab Audiovisuales team can advise you on the type of recorder that best suits the needs of your work and within the available range, help you decide which one fits best in every circumstance. If you are a professional, write us an e-mail that accredits you as such so that we offer you prices and special conditions for the acquisition of the products of our page.