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Lightware EDID MANAGER V4 - DVI EDID Manager

Product no.: LWR-EDID-MANAGER-V4

EDID emulator for HDMI and DVI signals. Memory for 79 EDID, 29 programmable. HDCP enable/disable function. Cable equalizer up to 60m

Lightware Avacab

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Datavideo VP-634 - 3G/HD/SD-SDI Passive Signal Repeater

Product no.: DTV-VP-634

3G/HD/SD-SDI Repeater. Non-powered complement to the VP-633. Requires 1x VP-633 in chain to supply power. More than 200m extension


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Product no.: GEF-EXT-DVI-EDIDP

The DVI Detective Plus memorizes the EDID of HDTV video equipment. Supports Up to 3840x2400 Dual Link. Write protection


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Datavideo VP-781 HD/SD-SDI with intercom repeater

Product no.: DTV-VP781

HD/SD-SDI repeater with intercom. Designed for Datavideo CB-50 cables. Transmits up to 200m. XLR with 5 pins


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Aten VC880 HDMI Repeater with Audio De-embedder

Product no.: ATN-VC880

HDMI 1.3 Video Repeater up to 15m with Audio De-embedder. Audio outputs: Analog L/R, TosLink or Coax


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Datavideo VP-633 Powered 100m SDI Repeater

Product no.: DTV-VP633

3G-HD-SD SDI Active Signal Repeater. Powered to provide power to up to 3 passive VP-634, with re-clocking function. Up to 1000m


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Datavideo VP-605H SDI Repeater with Audio Embedder

Product no.: DTV-VP-605H

HD/SD-SDI signal repeater and composite video with audio embedding. Reach up to 300m (100m 3G-SDI). Re-clock function


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Nanocable 10.15.1201 HDMI repeater f-f up to 40m

Product no.: NAN-10.15.1201

HDMI repeater, A/H-A/H V1.4b with type A female connectors at both ends. Reaches a total of 40m with 2160p@24Hz


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