A video switcher is required when several signal sources are available and it is necessary to choose one of them to send it to a destination. A destination can be a signal distributor that sends it to multiple screens using a single signal.

There are switchers in which all the signals come in the same format: HDMI or SDI or VGA, etc., and other switchers in which we have inputs of different types of signal that are internally converted to the output in one or two formats, Which are usually HDMI, VGA or HDBaseT. This type of multi-format input switcher can perform the conversion in such a way that, any type of input signal, with any resolution, obtain an output at fixed resolution so that our screens do not have to be switched.

In the switchers we must take into account, not only what is the input signal, but also what is its resolution. It is necessary to choose a selector that is able to let pass the frequency corresponding to the input resolution, without deterioration. The selectors are active equipment and therefore have their own specifications depending on their design.

At Avacab we have a multitude of selectors, with a single type of incoming signal and with multiple types and also with different number of inputs and outputs, so we can provide you with the most appropriate solution for each system, both in technical characteristics and in price. If you have any doubts, the Avacab technical team is ready to advise you on the best alternative for your project.