TV wall mounts, floos stands and ceiling mounts. Desk monitor mounts. Projector ceiling and wall mounts.

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VOGELS PUC1050 - Truss Adapter

Product no.: VOG-PUC1050

Adapter truss / Truss Adaptor 51mm. You can create your own truss solution for small- to medium-sized displays.

57.00 *


Product no.: VOG-PFD8543

Support arms monitor 2 gas cushion

211.00 *


Product no.: VOG-VLB500-PLATA

Speaker Stands (2x) silver

15.00 *
1 piece(s) = 7.50 €

VOGELS PUC2108 - 80 cm Pole

Product no.: VOG-PUC2108

Tube 80 cm. You can create your own ceiling solution for small- to medium-sized displays, can ensure that all cables are concealed.

34.00 *

VOGELS PFD8523 - 2 arms monitor deskmount

Product no.: VOG-PFD8523

Two arms monitor desk mount. Monitor size from 10 to 29 inches. Max. Weight 13Kg. Turn 360º. Tilt 200º. Silver


145.00 *

VOGELS VLB200 Loudspeaker wall mount

Product no.: VOG-VLB200

Loudspeaker wall mount (2x). Up to 20Kg without screwing into the speaker. Tilt and turn adjustments


42.00 / pair(s) *

VOGELS PUC1030 - Ceilling Plate

Product no.: VOG-PUC1030

Fixed roof tilt adapter. Suitable for flat and inclined ceilings (up to 90°). Combine with Connect-it Seriesand and interface


49.00 *

VOGELS PB150 - Display Trolley

Product no.: VOG-PB150

Trolley for flat screen lcd or plasma, with wheels,  silver color, height 150 cm, maximun weight 50 kg

280.00 *

VOGELS - PFA9104 - Bar Coupler PFB 34xx Series

Product no.: VOG-PFA9104

Connecting element for connecting two Vogel's interface boards to increase the mounting space


38.00 *

VOGELS EFF8340 Floor Stand for Flat Screens

Product no.: VOG-EFF8340

Floor Stand for flat screens (LCD or plasma). From 32 to 50 inches. Max. Weight 45Kg. Integrated spirit level


295.00 *

VOGELS - PUC1060 - Ceiling Plate

Product no.: VOG-PUC1060

Ceiling plate suitable for flat ceilings. It must be combined with a pole and an interface display strip for a complete ceiling solution


38.00 *

VOGELS - PUC2508 - Tubo de 80cm

Product no.: VOG-PUC2508

80 cm pole, with which you can create a ceiling solution for medium to large size displays


60.00 *

VOGELS PUC1011 Ceiling Plate

Product no.: VOG-PUC1011

Adapter for fixed roof. Combine this ceiling plate with one of the poles from the Connect-it Series and a Connect-it interface


25.00 *

VOGELS VLB500 - Speaker Wall Mount

Product no.: VOG-VLB500

Speaker Wall Mount (2x) Black/Silver. It is for surround and hi-fi speakers up to 5 kg.

15.00 *
1 piece(s) = 7.50 €

VOGELS PUC2115 - 150 cm Pole

Product no.: VOG-PUC2115

Tube 150 cm. You can create your own ceiling solution for small- to medium-sized displays.

56.00 *

VAT excluded

1 - 15 of 24 results