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KRAMER 105A 1x5 Stereo Unbalanced Audio Splitter

Product no.: KRA-105A

1x5 Stereo Unbalanced Audio Distribution Amplifier. L & R Level Control. S/N Ratio 80 dB


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KRAMER 106- 1x2 Microphone to Line Distribution Amplifier

Product no.: KRA-106

1:2 Microphone to Line Distribution Amplifier. Phantom Power. Gain control for each channel and for input

150.00 *
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ALTAIR RP-240 40-output audio distributor and press rack

Product no.: ALT-RP-240

Audio distributor and 40-output press rack. Independent output attenuator. Individual protection by output of short circuits.


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Palmer Monicon Passive monitors controller

Product no.: PAL-PMONICON

Palmer Monicon Passive Monitor Controller, Passive monitor volume controller. Rugged metal housing. MUTE/MONO


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