AJA OG-FS-Mini - Frame Synchronizer with Dashboard Support

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Broadcast quality frame synchronizer in openGear format, which combines the proven reliability of AJA's FS synchronization technology on an openGear card. It supports frame synchronization of 3G-SDI, HD and SD non-synchronous video signals at an affordable price.

The AJA OG-FS-Mini allows users to synchronize and convert a wide range of video formats to their internal standard, with a 3G-SDI input and output, HDMI output and two 3-pin terminal block connectors for balanced analog audio outputs. The OG-FS-Mini also provides high quality up-conversion, down-conversion and cross-conversion.

It is designed to be used in high density 2RU openGear chassis, including AJA's OG-X-FR chassis. DashBoard software is supported on Windows®, macOS® and Linux offering remote control and monitoring of the openGear architecture and providing convenient, industry-standard configuration, monitoring and control options via a PC or local network.

AJA OG-FS-Mini openGear frame synchronizer features

  • openGear compatible card
  • The frame synchronization function generates output signals locked to an external reference.
  • Supports Two and Three Level References
  • High-quality 10-bit video processing
  • Low latency processing, 1 frame video rated delay.
  • Freeze (in case of loss of input signal) to a black image or to the last good image. 
  • Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 625i, 525i and SDI input signals.
  • Simultaneous SDI and HDMI Outputs
  • 16 Channel Embedded SDI Audio I/O
  • 8-channel HDMI audio output
  • 2x 3-pin connectors for analog audio output
  • Frame rate conversion, compatible with 3:2 pulldown
  • Up, down and cross conversion between 3G, HD and SD video formats
  • AFD input detection, down-conversion control
  • Remote configuration via Ross DashBoard software
  • Rear I/O card included
  • Compatible with openGear OG-X-FR, OG3 and DFR-8321 frames
  • Five-year warranty

NOTE: OG-FS-Mini only converts 3G-SDI Level A formats. It does not allow 3G-SDI Level B input or output.

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  • v1.4
  • No

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