Altair EC-200 Master Panel for Cue Light System

Altair EC-200 Master Panel for Cue Light System

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Master panel of the Cue Light system. Powered by an XLR cable, from any Altair base station or PS-200 power supply, providing a Cue-Light light warning channel. From this unit, the operator can indicate to all receivers of a Cue Light 3 channel different states:"Stand-by" (red),"Ready" (red flashes) and "Go" (green) returning to the initial state once the cycle is completed.

For a multi-channel Cue Light control station and for ease of use, the user can install the EC-200 unit on a PC-4-200 control panel, which will allow you to place up to 4 units in a racked-in unit.

Thanks to the new Cue Light family of products, ALTAIR users have the possibility to send luminous indications to several users simultaneously, facilitating coordination tasks in theatre, synchronization of special effects in shooting or the management of sporting events, among others.



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