ALTAIR EF-200 Two channel intercom master station

ALTAIR EF-200 Two channel intercom master station

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Dual cable channel intecom base station. It features a power supply capable of supplying power to all devices installed in the intercom network. The EF-200 has 2 independent channels, A and B, which can be easily linked using a LINK (A + B) or SLAVE button if the system is multichannel.

It has program input (mic/line) with volume control and CHA/CHB send switches and output for announcements through public address (P.A.) with activation of multipurpose relay. The ALTAIR EF-200 has pushbuttons for remote mute of all Mic-Kill and Buzz-Kill of all the stations of the system in both channels (A and B)

The ALTAIR EF-200 station has double CALL and TALK pushbuttons (one per channel) with inter-line listening balance control.

It allows to make connection MULTICHANNEL LINK to join Base Stations (EF-200) and to create systems of more than 2 channels. By means of this link, it is possible to use a single headset centralizing all the functions available from the "master" station, actually creating a system of 4, 6, 8, ... channels.

The internal battery, easily removable, allows short emergency communications, in power outages, public address, etc.

It incorporates a relay with NO/NC connection for various applications of remote control: Tally, PTT for radio systems, announcements of public address system, etc.

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