ALTAIR WAM-100 Dual earpad with microphone

ALTAIR WAM-100 Dual earpad with microphone

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Altair's WAM-100 are two-ear microphone headphones, closed with microphone. Together with the WAM-100/2, they are the most commonly used by Altair's wireless intercom users. They have a closed design that offers great insulation, are made of high-strength plastic and incorporate a dynamic microphone with noise cancelling. The connection to the case or base station is made by means of a 4-pin XLR-mini connector (female).



  • Closed 2-Ear Microauricular Closed Ear.
  • Dynamic microphone with noise cancelling. Great sound insulation.
  • Made of high resistance plastic.
  • Mini-XLR connector 4-pin female connector.



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