Blackmagic MultiView 4 - 4 signal multiviewer

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Split quad multiviewer generator. Offers the possibility to monitor four independent SDI signals on the same screen.

The four SDI inputs, with capacity up to 6G-SDI and resynchronization, make possible the simultaneous monitoring of contents in any definition and image frequency. It has simultaneous output on SDI and HDMI in HD 1080 or UHD 2160p formats, which makes it compatible with HD and UHD TVs and monitors. UHD screen viewing takes maximum advantage of additional resolution by displaying 1920x1080 images in each window with extraordinary sharpness. It includes digital vu-meters, customizable font labels and many additional features.


  • SDI video inputs: 4x SD / HD / 6G (10 bit).
  • SDI loop outputs: 4x SD / HD / 6G (10 bits).
  • MultiView SDI Outputs: 1x 10-bit SDI HD / 6G
  • MultiView outputs HDMI: 1x HDMI type A. It recognizes the data of the monitor (EDID).
  • Supported Definitions: Automatic detection of SD / HD / 6G signals. Simultaneous display of SD / HD / 4K signals.
  • Upgrades: Via the USB 2.0 or Ethernet port.
  • Control: Front panel (optional) with LCD display, rotary knob and six buttons.
  • Configuration: RJ45 Ethernet or USB 2.0 for internal software update and IP address configuration.
  • Resynchronization: On all SDI outputs. Automatic switching between SD / HD / 6G signals.


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