EIZO ColorEdge CG247X 24.1" IPS 1920x1200 Monitor

EIZO ColorEdge CG247X 24.1" IPS 1920x1200 Monitor

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24.1" (1920x1200) IPS monitor, ideal for Graphic and media arts, professional photography, creative arts, printing, virtual reality and simulation environments. The monitor offers excellent quality and sharp images, thanks to its high contrast ratio of 1.500:1 in high resolution (1920x1200) and a brightness of 400cd/m2 thus providing a highly accurate processing of the structures and graphics displayed on the screen. The wide-range IPS panel allows a viewing angle of 178 degrees with no loss of chromaticity or contrast even when viewed from the sides. The monitor manages a 3D LUT color table with autocalibration function.

If you use RAW RGB or Adobe still images, you don't have to give up a wide range of colors. Its wide colour space covers 99% of the Adobe RGB space. If RAW photos are converted to Adobe RGB format, the monitor will then be able to reproduce them in an absolutely correct and natural way. Also in the printing process, EIZO monitors offer many advantages and almost completely cover the CMYK color space (like ISO and US Web Coated). Being able to see the print results directly on the monitor means considerable time savings for professional users.

The monitor includes an integrated sensor that guarantees the highest possible colour accuracy. Perfectly matched to the monitor, it properly detects environmental influences such as lighting, correlation of parameters in the center and sides with those of the entire display area, in order to achieve uniform and consistent performance across the entire screen. The calibration sensor is integrated into the housing frame and is placed on the display only during the calibration phase. This helps to reduce time-consuming configuration processes.

The monitor includes the ColorNavigator 6 calibration software. In no time even the novice user can calibrate his monitor. Advanced users can individually adjust brightness, gamma and white point values and define additional target parameters. And since the calibration is done by the monitor hardware there is no loss of quality. The CG277 monitor adapts flexibly to existing systems.

Pixel by pixel, the Digital Equalizer Uniformity (DUE) function manages the tonal values of the screen through the display area. The chromaticity is the same at each point of the screen surface, without any oscillations. The two function also compensates for variations or irregularities caused by changes in the temperature and brightness of the environment. In this way, the monitor ensures uniform and homogeneous luminous density and maximum chromatic purity. This aspect is particularly important when editing photos.

The 10-bit color reproduction makes use of the 16-bit color table and sees a rich color spectrum, far superior compared to an 8-bit monitor. Gradations are more accurate and refined transitions. Important for post-production: Extended grayscale is capable of representing a greater number of shades of gray from 6 to 14%.

An important and essential feature in graphics is the constant brightness and stable color temperature. Patented electronics compensate for brightness irregularities that may arise due to too high an ambient temperature. An integrated thermometer detects that fluctuations are automatically compensated and reduced. The colour representation remains constant throughout the period of use and immediately after switching on (the monitor takes only seven minutes to stabilise its performance).

The monitor is free from fluctuation effects, regardless of the adjusted brightness parameters. This is made possible by the backlight hybrid technology conceived by EIZO. This new technology is combined with electronic DC current management in pulse width modulation PWM (Plus width modulation) (direct current). To safeguard the health of the eyes and work comfortably.

The HDMI connection supports 24 fps signals, widely used for cinema and television. Although most monitors use a 60 fps scan that could probably cause images not to be displayed naturally, EIZO monitors now support scanning of 24 fps film material, making it easier to verify the final effect on the viewer. With video editing also in mind, the monitor is capable of displaying the most common frequencies and resolutions for HDMI signals at sampling frequencies of 60, 50, 30, 25, and 24 Hz. The monitor also has I/P conversion (progressive / interlaced).


24.1" EIZO ColorEdge CG247X Monitor Features

  • IPS LCD monitor with 24.1" hardware calibration and 1920x1200 resolution
  • Wide color depth range, suitable for printing and monitoring of RAW images
  • Built-in calibration sensor to automate workflow
  • ColorNavigator 7 color management software
  • ColorNavigator Network Network Color Management Software
  • True Black Display: 1500:1 contrast, great depth uniformity at all angles.
  • 3D LUT for accurate color visualization
  • Simultaneous 10-bit color depth display
  • Factory-set for smooth color gradations
  • Stable display technology for unmatched ColorEdge quality
  • Uniformity of brightness and chromaticity across the entire screen surface
  • Ultra-fast switching between color modes
  • Fast control, even in dark environments
  • Certificate for Color Proofs "fogra Cert Softproof".
  • Ergonomic stand for greater comfort and convenience, adjustable in height, inclination, rotation and rotation of 90º.
  • DVI-D, HDMI, DisplayPort and USB inputs
  • 5 Year Warranty




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