EIZO ColorEdge CS-230B Monitor 23" 1.920x1080 IPS

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23" (1920x1080) IPS sRGB monitor with precise colors suitable for professionals, which, given its technical characteristics and specifications, is ideal for Graphic and Creative Arts, Photography and Postproduction environments. And sharp images thanks to its high contrast ratio of 1,000:1 in high resolution (1,920x1,080) and an excellent brightness of 300 cd/m2 thus offering a high precision processing of the structures and graphics shown in the The wide-range IPS panel allows for a 178-degree viewing angle without loss of chromaticity or contrast even when viewed from the sides.

The 16-bit table is capable of returning CS230B monitor signals with a high accuracy rate. In this way the tonal characteristics of dark tones remain unchanged. This fidelity and precision reduces the correction steps in the creative workflow ensures shorter production times.

The CS230B ColorEdge offers professional calibration thanks to EIZO ColorNavigator. A Calibration through the software is very laborious and requires a deep knowledge of the management of the color. The CS230B monitor includes the ColorNavigator calibration software. In a short time, even the most novice user can calibrate the monitor. Advanced users have the ability to individually adjust brightness, gamma and white balance values ​​and set additional target parameters. And since the calibration is done by the hardware of the monitor there is no loss of quality. The CS230B monitor adapts with great flexibility in existing systems. After performing the initial calibration with an external measurement device and in combination with the supplied ColorNavigator software, the auto-correction sensor detects at regular intervals the color and parameters, white balance and brightness while maintaining the initial accuracy. The correction intervals can be defined individually, depending on the needs.

The Eizo CS230B ColorEdge monitor maintains a uniform tonal value across the screen. Pixel-by-pixel, the Digital Equalizer Uniformity (DUE) function manages the tonal values ​​of the display through the display area. The chromaticity is the same at each point on the screen surface, without oscillations. The two function also compensates for variations or irregularities caused by changes in the temperature and brightness of the environment. In this way, the monitor ensures a uniform and homogeneous light density and maximum chromatic purity.


  • Uniform tonal value across the screen
  • 10-bit color depth: one billion colors with fine gradations
  • Work without flickering, free of fluctuating effects
  • DVI-D, HDMI, DisplayPort and USB 2.0 input connections
  • Ergonomic, height-adjustable, tilt and swivel support as well as vertical adjustment of the display
  • Correct color reproduction with factory setting
  • Accurate and fast hardware calibration


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  • Black
  • 23"


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