IDX SSL-VBG50 - Lithium Ion Battery Pack

IDX SSL-VBG50 - Lithium Ion Battery Pack

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The IDX SSL-VBG50 is a high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery compatible with the Panasonic HMC40/150 cameras, as well as the AF100. Compatible with AG-HMC70/150 37 Watt Hours 5000 Milliamp Hours Secured Interface

The SSL-VBG50’s secured interface between the battery and camcorder allows optimized operation an accurate, analog battery level can be displayed in the cameras’ viewfinders.

It features a 3-LED push-button power indicator on the front, which conveniently allows the operator to know the power level remaining.

Protection circuitry for over-charge, over-discharge and over-load are also found in the SSL-VBG50.

NOTE: The SSL-VBG50 will not charge on Panasonic chargers. The IDX LC-VWP 7.4V Simultaneous Battery Charger is required for charging.

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