Lexar CFAST 2.0 3500x - 256GB CFAST 2.0 Memory card

Lexar CFAST 2.0 3500x - 256GB CFAST 2.0 Memory card

Product no.: LXR-LC256CRBEU3500

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Professional 256GB  CFast 2.0 3500x memory card. Ability to easily capture the highest quality 4K video. Write transfer rate of up to 445MB/s, allowing recording of high quality RAW, ProRes or DNx content working at 4K.

The card has been developed to meet the intense demands of cameras capable of capturing 4K video and beyond. And it is designed to be compatible with most 4K video cameras. In addition, the card's 64GB-512GB capacities support the Video Performance Guarantee Specification (VPG-130) for professional-quality video. This means that the card has been tested and guaranteed for professional video capture streams at a guaranteed minimum write speed of 130MB/s for compatible host devices and recording media.

The card's high-speed performance maximizes the capabilities of next-generation movie-quality video cameras, allowing you to capture the highest quality RAW, ProRes, and 4K video, and much more. And with an industry-leading read transfer rate of up to 525MB/sec, provides new high-speed performance thresholds and great options, the card dramatically accelerates post-production workflow.

  • Read speed up to 525MB/s
  • Write speed up to 445MB/s

Lexar cards are not officially supported on ARRI devices.


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Valid for
  • BM Pocket 4K
  • BM URSA Mini

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