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Wireless follow focus motor weighing only 198g, designed with new drive technology. It incorporates a battery that can last up to 24 hours. The Multi-Can is equipped in the iFocus engine receiver that allows the Moza Air 2 to connect to the control and provide power to the iFocus motor receiver.

The 2.4G wireless communication on the external antenna of the iFocus motor ensures stable communication against interference in the control signal. It also includes an integrated Bluetooth module that can be connected to MOZA App. The mobile phone can be used as a remote control to control the iFocus driver.

Designed for different user needs, the iFocus motor adapts perfectly to all types of scenarios and configurations. By setting the start and end points, the iFocus motor can automatically stop at the set points when focused.

The iFocus focus tracking motor uses a professional electromagnetic design to effectively improve power density. The wireless control wheel is equipped with a high-precision focus tracking knob, which can detect slight angle changes and work in conjunction with a high-precision motor to perform high-precision, real-time movements. The iFocus (optional) and engine work perfectly together, providing high-precision wireless control up to 100 meters away.

Features of the Wireless Follow Focus Moza Follow Focus Motor

  • 2.4 GHz wireless focus motor
  • Connects to the focusing wheel up to 100m away
  • Compatible with Air / AirCross Gimbals
  • Smartphone control via Bluetooth
  • Gears without calibration for precision focusing
  • Power and control with Moza Air 2
  • Battery lasts up to 24 hours
  • 15 mm rod clamp
  • USB Charging Port Type C


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