Nanguang CN-P100WII Daylght LED light 100W and 7950lm

Nanguang CN-P100WII Daylght LED light 100W and 7950lm

Product no.: NGU-CN-P100WII

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Versatile LED spotlight with fixed color daylight temperature (5600ºK) for the use of photography and/or video. Ideal for portrait photography, product photography or video productions. This spotlight is equipped with a low power COB LED that emits a continuous, high quality, bright, stable, uniform and flicker-free light. It has a color rendering index of CRI 95, which brings it closer to perfection when it comes to revealing precise colors and natural skin tones.

Without an integrated fan, it is quiet for use in video productions. Its ventilation slits dissipate heat, extending its useful life. With continuous power dimmer and mains power supply, it integrates 2.4G connection, which allows control via optional remote control or via the NanGuang WiFi Led lighting controller app via the NanGuang WiFi 2.4G Control Box (not included).

With some of the brand's accessories (not included in the package) you can make the most of this spotlight. A more precise daylight effect can be achieved by using the NG-18X finned fresnel lens (optional). The illumination angle can be varied from 12° to 35°, from the Spot position (concentrated light) to the Flood position (diffuse light). Thanks to its fins a precise control of the field of illumination is obtained, modifying the direction and form of the beam of light, to direct the light where it is interested. And for a softer light, a Nanguang Octa BD80 softbox can be attached.


Features of the Nanguang CN-P100WII daylight LED spotlight

  • Power consumption - 100W
  • Luminous power - 7.950 lumens
  • Power control - Integrated continuous dimmer
  • Colour temperature - 5.600ºK
  • Colour rendering index - CRI95
  • Television Lighting Consistency Index - 94TLCI
  • Power supply - 110-240V
  • Weight - 3,9Kg
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) - 30 x 18 x 36cm
  • Mount - Bowens S-type accessory bayonet

Package contents

  • CN-P100WII LED spotlight
  • Translucent diffuser dome
  • Power supply cable



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