Nanguang CN-1200CSA Bi-color LED Panel and Wi-Fi

Nanguang CN-1200CSA Bi-color LED Panel and Wi-Fi

Product no.: NGU-CN1200CSA
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Bicolor LED illumination panel provides continuous, bright, stable and flicker-free illumination. Bicolor, with adjustable color temperature between 3.200ºK and 5.600ºK. Very useful for studio photography and video productions. Admits two power supplies, mains or batteries, making it a portable LED light source very bright for use in any location.

With a chromatic reproduction index CRI:95, brings it closer to perfection when it comes to achieving precise and natural colors. It incorporates dimmers for a continuous control of power and color temperature through LCD screen, integrates 2.4G Wi-Fi receiver, which allows remote control, either by remote control or the app Nanguang WiFi Led Lighting Controller with an iPhone smartphone (NanGuang WiFi Control Box transmitter required). In addition, its U-shaped arm facilitates the rotation of the panel at any angle, allowing it to be placed on ceiling supports.

Built with high quality materials, the design of its housing allows good heat dissipation, which ensures a long life of use. Includes fins for better control of light direction.

Features of Nanguang CN-1200CSA LED Lighting Panel

  • Power consumption: 69W
  • Luminous power: 3.248lm / 5.600K - 2.904lm / 3.200K
  • Illuminance: 11.622lx / 1m 
  • Power control: Integrated continuous dimmer
  • Colour temperature: 3,200ºK to 5,600ºK
  • Colour rendering index: CRI:95
  • Colour temperature control: Integrated continuous dimmer
  • Power: 
    • Mains adapter 110-240V
    • V-Mount or Sony NP type batteries (via TIYCN15V adapter)
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 38,5×46,7×9cm
  • Includes: 1 CN-1200CSA bi-colour LED panel, 1 diffuser filter, 1 dense diffuser filter, 1 colour correction filter, 1 feeder bracket, 1 mains adapter, 1 carrying bag and manual.

Additional product information

  • Battery Powered

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