NANLITE NA1220132KIT Kit 2 Daylight LED panels with dimmer

NANLITE NA1220132KIT Kit 2 Daylight LED panels with dimmer

Product no.: NGU-TIYCN600SAKIT2

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Kit with 2 LED panels that provide continuous bright, stable and flicker-free illumination, with daylight color temperature, useful for studio photography and video productions. Support two power supplies, both mains and batteries, making it a portable LED light source very bright for outdoor use.

With chromatic reproduction index of CRI 95, to be able to achieve precise and natural colors. Them incorporate dimmer for a continuous control of power through LCD screen, and integrate WiFi receiver 2.4G, which allows remote control, either by remote control or by the app Nanguang WiFi led lighting controller with a smartphone iPhone (NanGuang WiFi Control Box transmitter required). In addition, theirs U-shaped arm facilitates the rotation of the panel at any angle, allowing it to be placed on ceiling supports.

The design of the housing allows good heat dissipation, which ensures a long life of use. Includes fins for better control of light direction.


Features of the Nanguang CN-600SA daylight LED panel

  • Power consumption - 36W
  • Luminous power - 4.396lm
  • Illuminance - 5.130lx / 1m - 1.350lx / 2m
  • Power control - Integrated continuous dimmer
  • Color temperature - 5.600ºK
  • Color rendering index - 95CRI
  • Television lighting consistency index - 94TLCI
  • Power supply
    • Power adaptor 110-240V
    • V-mount batteries or type Sony-NP (by TIYCN15V adaptor)
  • Weight - 1,9Kg
  • Dimensions - 33,5 x 37,6 x 8,3cm

Package contents

  • 2x Led Panel CN-600SA
  • 2x Diffuser filter
  • 2x Thicker diffuser filter
  • 2x Warm color correction filter (at 3.200K)
  • 2x Feeder bracket
  • 2x Mains power supply
  • 1x Transport bag
  • 1x Manual


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