Prompter People ROBO-HB - Prompter for PTZ cameras

Prompter People ROBO-HB - Prompter for PTZ cameras

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The Prompter People ROBO-HB teleprompter has been designed for use with today's autonomous PTZ robotic cameras, such as the Panasonic AW-HE100 series. The teleprompter completely encloses the robotic camera for free camera movement while providing easy access to camera controls. The 22-inch 16:9 LED LCD display features VGA, DVI, HDMI and SDI inputs. The wide mirror frame allows for a wide view of the camera for standard teleprompting use as well as for PowerPoint and telepresence message applications using Skype or VOIP. Provides a perfect line of sight from the presenter to the remote viewer, perfect for remote studios, meeting rooms and remote education.



Features of the telepronpter Prompter People ROBO:

  • Completely enclosed design
  • Works with virtually all robotic cameras
  • 2 PTZ cameras can be mounted side by side with adapter
  • HUGE 24” glass allows for wide panning
  • High brightness (1000 nit) 22" 16:9 LCD LED display with VGA, DVI, HDMI and SDI inputs
  • Viewable up to 35 degrees off axis
  • Multiple people can read at the same time
  • Perfect studio prompter
  • perfect for tele-presence and tele-conferencing
  • Robo Teleprompters do not come with an included travel softcase, please call for ugradeable flight kits, and case options
  • Includes 1000 nit HB (high brightness) monitor



Package contents:

  • Durable lightweight aluminum hood
  • Internal mounting sled
  • Reversing 24" monitor
  • Widescreen 24" beamsplitter
  • 2 risers for optimal camera placement



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  • 24"

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