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Top handle designed for Sony A7S-II, A7R-II, A7-II cage, includes the unique patented SHAPE red push button technology. The ALPHAND is designed to be installed on the hot shoe adapter on our cage and fixed with a screw.

SHAPE's push button tehnology is the easiest way to adjust the handle. You simply press the red button with your thumb, and you can rotate the handle on a 360 degree angle, giving you multiple position options. When you release the red button, the handle locks in place. Easy, fast and solid. On the handle sides, you have several 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes for accessory attachment. 

SHAPE ALPHAND main features

  • SHAPE unique red push button technology with 360 degree rotation position
  • Easy to adjust with one thumb press
  • To be installed on the top hot shoe of our Sony A7S II - A7R II - A7 II cage
  • Several 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 threaded holes for accessory attachment
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Locks in place when the red button is release
  • Solid and durable, CNC machined aluminum

Additional product information

Valid for
  • Sony A7S

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