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Canon C200 cage with extendable top handle and viewfinder support arm with push button. Includes 15mm bars for optical balancing. The cage is equipped with an ARRI rosette mount and the rod mounting system is equipped with a base plate and adapter plate. This kit is a robust and complete solution that will increase the level of control in the equipment.


Features of the SHAPE cage with upper handle and viewfinder arm for Canon C200 camera:

  • Manufactured in solid aluminium and robust CNC machined.
  • It offers multiple mounting points and threaded holes for connecting camera accessories.
  • Includes an ARRI rosette on the right side for attaching our remote extension handle or the C200 handle.
  • Mechanical locking system to secure the cable handle.
  • The top section of the cage has a top plate that allows you to mount the top handle of the C200 in different positions to optimize its balance when in shoulder mode.
  • Quickly adjust or remove the cage using the included Allen key.
  • The Allen Key Wrench is easy to access and is magnetized at the bottom of the cage.

Canon C200 Base with 15 mm Rod System:

  • It features a pair of 15mm bars that are 12" long through the length of the base plate.
  • Tightening key knobs for repositioning the bar block system.
  • 15mm LW bar system designed to respect the optical centre of the C200.
  • 4 Rubber pads on the top of the base to securely protect and position your C200 camera.
  • The Allen wrench is easily accessible and magnet-mounted on the underside of the base plate.

Extendable Top Handle and View Finder Bracket Arm with Push-button:


The handle handle frame is made of robust CNC machined aluminum and the finger handle is made of genuine Canadian maple wood for maximum comfort. The Canon c200 handle is removable and can quickly adjust and lock the length of the handle for an extension of approximately 3 inches from its original position to optimize the balance of your Canon C200 to your lens type.

The position of the viewfinder can also be adjusted to your needs with the aid of the clamping knob system and our patented Push Button Technology (nothing to unscrew - push, adjust, release and then lock).

  • A "15 mm rod clamp" (15CTH) can be mounted on the front section of the upper handle, allowing you to attach our "15 mm viewfinder arm with push button" or any other 15 mm LW bracket.
  • Several threaded holes to optimize your equipment with our' REVOLT Push Button Magic Arm Series', designed to hold and manipulate your camera monitor or other camera accessories.
  • 4 threaded holes (front), perfect for more fixing options.
  • 2 Supports for safety shoes (front and back of the handle).


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