Shape HANDUR Blackmagic URSA Mini handles kit

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Perfect handle kit to use the Blackmagic Ursa Mini in several configuration. Both handles include ARRI rosette standard to attach on the camera or on a Baseplate. The Blackmagic Ursa mini remote extension handle offers an ajustable arm extension for the side hand grip provided with the Ursa Mini. It features SHAPE's patented push button technology for easy angle adjustment and 360 degree rotation. The extendable arm is equipped with a ratchet key to easily adjust the length of the arm.

The single telescopic handle is a versatile and adjustable handgrip that is perfect to use with the Ursa Mini. Allowing 1.5" of extension and a 360 degree rotation of the arm and handgrip provided by the the push-button technology.

Shape HANDUR features

  • Extendable arm to install Ursa mini side hand grip
  • Easy access to the record start/stop, iris and focus button of the side hand grip.
  • Features the patented SHAPE push button with 360 degree rotation for several positioning options
  • Knob screw to adjust the length of the extendable arm
  • Adjustment length up to 5 cm (2inches)
  • Easy to install and adjust 
  • Can be fixed on the camera or baseplate with standard ARRI rosettes
  • Included : SHAPE single telescopic handle
  • Push-button height and angle adjustment
  • 360 degree arm and handle rotation
  • Extendable arm adds up to 1.5" of length 

Additional product information

Valid for
  • BM URSA Mini

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