Shape PM3A - Gimbal 3-axis stabilizer for DSLR

Shape PM3A - Gimbal 3-axis stabilizer for DSLR

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SHAPE's PM3A is a portable 3-axis Gimbal stabilizer for DSLR cameras, which allows you to achieve perfect movement and stability in your shots, as well as dynamic shooting, thanks to its high performance. It is equipped with robust and well-built engines, manufactured from aluminium alloy, widely used as an aeronautical material. SHAPE's Gimbal 3-axis stabilizer has remarkable strength and optimum stability in light weight. With its cable-free internal design, there are no errors or accidents due to loose cables. In addition, the gymbal is ready to use at all times with its unsupported design, eliminating possible assembly and disassembly problems.

Features of SHAPE's 3 Axis Stabilizer Gimbal for DSLR:

  • Supports Cameras up to 8.4 pounds (3.8 kg).
  • Electric Sensor for Maintaining Balance in Different Temperatures.
  • Cable-less, Stand-less, Tool-less Structure.
  • Quick Set-up and Easy Balancing.



The gimbal supports various mirrorless cameras and DSLRs with a payload of 8.4 pounds (3.8 kg). It can be mounted on RC car for dynamic ground filming and attached to drones for aerial shots. The gimbal can support VR cameras, jib, and wide-range angles and motions of handheld uses.



SHAPE’s invincible Mayonte363 sensor maintains balance in temperature change and different environments. Many users experience slanting effects when the gimbal is exposed to an environment different from the conditions it was calibrated in. The sensor enables the gimbal to maintain balance in changed conditions and different environments.



The gimbal has four operation modes. When the power is on, it operates with Mode 2, following at tilt and pan axes.

  • Mode 1: Lock tilt, Follow pan Mode. When the mode button is pressed once, it’s on Mode 1, locked at tilt axis but following at pan axis.
  • Mode 2: Follow Mode. Pressing the mode button twice changes the mode to Mode 2, following at tilt and pan axes, as mentioned previously.
  • Mode 3: Lock Mode. Pressing the mode button trice changes the mode to Mode 3, locked at tilt and pan.
  • Mode 4: Going-after Mode. Pressing the mode button four times changes the mode changes to Mode 4, following at tilt, pan, and roll. Shots from Mode 4 will create gravity-free effect making the viewers feel like they are in space. A long press on the mode button returns the camera to its original home position where Mode 2 is set as default. The different modes enable dynamic shots and movement in wide-ranges.



The brushless DC motors are equipped with slip-rings allowing cables and wires to rotate freely and continuously without twisting. All cables are built-in causing no errors and accidents while filming.



No tools are needed for set-up and adjustment because the gimbal has simple levers built in the body. Also, for each axis, a ruler is engraved to show balance measurements for future reference.



PERFECT MOMENT DSLR 3-AXIS GIMBAL STABILIZER is powered by SHAPE’s Kantachi batteries (Li-ion, 2500 mAh, 3.7V), which are compatible with other gimbals of SHAPE and are easily found in camera shops. Also, adapters for mounting on DJI drones, for installing on Easyrig, and for connecting with Spectrum DXe Remote Controller enable various functions and uses.


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