Shape URSAKIT URSA Mini kit Mattebox and Follow focus

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Kit designed to provide a balanced shoulder mount solution and to help you shoot for long hours with comfort when using the Blackmagic Ursa Mini. The baseplate is build sturdy and lightweight  for a perfect fit with the Ursa Mini features. This solution comes with 15mm-8 inches rods and 15mm- 4 inches rods and offers two levels of adjustment for the front rods. This kit also includes SHAPE MATTEBOX, for optimal image quality. The ergonomic and robust SHAPE FOLLOW FOCUS pro is also a part of this bundle allowing quick attachment, removal and re-positionning. 

The bundle also includes a remote extension arm enabling users to fix the Ursa Mini side hand grip directly on the Arri rosettes of the baseplate. The adjustable arm lenght provides great versatility and features a push-button for a 360 degree rotation. The kit also includes SHAPE handle grip with the patented red push-button technology.

Shape URSAKIT features:

  • V-lock delta adapter at the bottom of the baseplate
  • 8 inches rods at the front and 4 inches at the back of the baseplate
  • Length adjustable rods using red ratchet knob
  • ARRI rosettes sockets on both sides of the baseplate
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Fix the mini Ursa side hand grip and control record start/stop using a LANC connection
  • Knob screw to adjust the length of the arm (up to 1 inches)
  • Several positioning options provided by the 360 degree rotation of the push button
  • Ajustable red push button for 360 degree rotation 

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Valid for
  • BM URSA Mini
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