SWIT D-3004S 4-ch V-Mount battery charger

SWIT D-3004S 4-ch V-Mount battery charger

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4-ch Simultaneous Charger for V-mount batteriesWith Max 200W power, can charge 4pcs V-mount camera batteries simultaneously. The charging output is DC15-20V, 2A each channel.

The LED charging indicators on the front panel, display the real time capacity percentage of each channel when charging.

When the batteries will not be used for a period of time, it is recommended that keep half capacity in the batteries before storage, to ensure a good condition of the cells and prolong the battery life, so the CH-1 channel of D-3004S can discharge the battery. Mount the battery on CH-1, and press “OPTIMIZE” button on the front panel, the battery will start to discharge at average 1A current.

Li-ion charging follows a two-period approach. The first period is constant-current. The battery is charged at the maximum charging rate. When the battery reaches a specified set-point voltage, charging circuits switch to the second period: the constant-voltage period. The charging circuit will provide only enough current to maintain the voltage, to prevent the battery from over charging.

SWIT D-3004S 4ch V-mount battery charger main features

  • V-mount battery charger
  • 4-ch simultaneous charging
  • 1-ch discharging
  • 4-level LED charging indicators for each channel

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