X-rite i1Display Pro Rental - Monitor calibration probe

X-rite i1Display Pro Rental - Monitor calibration probe

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i1Display Pro calibration probe rental. The probe incorporates advanced filters and optical systems that work with incredibly fast measurement speed and unmatched color accuracy across all modern display technologies, including LED, Plasma, RG Phosphor, OLED and Wide Gamut displays. It is spectrum calibrated, making it upgradeable to support future display technologies and to increase the life of your investment. The ergonomic design features three functions: ambient light measurement, monitor and projector profiling.


X-Rite i1Display Pro Calibration Probe Features

  • Ultra-fast measurement speed
  • Intuitive all-in-one design
  • Excellent i1Profiler color management software.
    • Basic Mode: Offers wizard-driven interface, with pre-defined options, for the fastest process to get professional color on screen.
    • Advanced Mode: Offers user-defined options for more sophisticated profiling workflows, as well as screen proofing and quality control tools. 
  • Compensates for ambient light around your workspace with Intelligent Ambient Light Control. i1Display Pro automatically determines the optimal display luminance to compare output to your display.
  • Flare Correct™ measures and adjusts the profile of your screen to obtain reduced contrast ratios caused by reflective light on the screen surface.
  • Intelligent interactive profiling, an adaptive technology, produces optimized results for maximum color accuracy on each unique screen every time a profile is created.
  • It includes video color standards that ensure that what you see is the same as what you get throughout your digital video workflow.
  • Multiple display and workgroup matching - Reuse profile settings across multiple displays connected to the same or multiple computers in a workgroup.
  • ColorTRUE® compatible



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