OPTICIS M1-2000-20

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OPTICIS M1-2000-20

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Point-to-Point HDMI optical cable, M1-2000 has four (4) multi-mode fibers for TMDS transmission and copper wires for DDC/HDCP in a jacket.It supports HDMI1.3 standard up to 1080p with 36bit color depth and also transmits uncompressed WUXGA (1920x1200) 60Hz signal up to 100m (328feet). It supplies +5V DC power either from video sources or external power adapter in the shipping group.


  • Extend HDMI signals up to 100m (330ft) with no signal degradation.
  • Supports up to 1080p resolution.
  • Complies with HDMI standard supporting HDCP parameters.
  • Complies with DVI standard (165Mpixels/sec maximum) and supports DDC2B mode.
  • Uses the host +5V source from the HDMI connector pin number 18 to drive the Tx and Rx modules, assuming a minimum of 500mA is available from the host
  • If your HDTV source is unable to provide a minimum of +5V, 500mA on pin 18, just plug the external AC/DC power supply in Tx module for operation.
  • Data security inherent with fibre & no RFI/EMI emissions.
  • No software required; just plug and go.
  • User Manual is available in non-supplier specific format for “white box” sales





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Length (meters) 20

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