Professional and semi-professional cameras from Blackmagic, Panasonic, Sony or Canon, among others. In this category you can find the camera you need, depending on your budget and needs.

Choosing the right camera for each application is critical to getting a result that meets your expectations. In Avacab we can provide you with all kinds of cameras: from adventure cameras that, with small size and weight, are able to provide incredible moving images with resolutions up to 4K, through hand held or shoulder cameras that allow you to do reports or high quality documentaries without having to make a big investment, to powerful professional studio or movie cameras, with state-of-the-art sensors that go beyond 4K and are ideal for movie recording or advertising works. Before buying a camera, it is necessary to consider the use that you are going to give and depending on the available budget, choose the best of possibilities.

The camera is not an isolated and autonomous equipment, a good professional camera equipment needs:

  • Optics, when the camera allows its exchange, to help you to realize the necessary shoot in each application, without aberrations and with the best possible aperture.
  • Batteries of quality, that do not leave us thrown at any moment and that give total autonomy to field works
  • A good tripod, with stability and safety at work. Let it be light, if we are going to need to carry it constantly. And that allows us to engage and release the camera quickly and with confidence.
  • Transport bags or cases if we are going to travel with the equipment and rain covers for those days with adverse conditions.
  • Basic lighting, to mount a small set at any time or to do an interview in the worst of circumstances.

As you can see, a camera is more than an image capture device, it is a system, which requires the correct choice of accessories to make it an accurate and easy to use tool, which gives us pleasant experiences and, at the same time, allows a fast and uncomplicated work and optimal results

At Avacab we can advise you on the camera that best suits your needs and budget, offering you a range of accessories that not only complement but also enhance your camera equipment.
If you are a professional, ask us to offer you a special price