Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic


Signal extenders through fiber optics have been used for several years, but with the introduction of very high resolution signals, their use is becoming essential if we want to reach distances of more than 100m that allow, in general, the Copper cables. The use of digital signals offers the security of being able to be recovered, in the receiving end, as we introduced it in the emitter, without loss of quality or resolution.

Fiber optic transmission offers advantages such as:

  • Long transmission distance
  • Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference
  • Does not generate electromagnetic interference on the adjacent conductors
  • Total galvanic isolation between transmitter and receiver

There is a extender specific for each signal type and need for extension. Thus we find extensors for SDI in any of its standards and also for DVI or HDMI signals. Depending on the distance we want to reach, we can use OM3 multimode fiber to reach about 800 meters or singlemode fiber to reach 10 and even 20 kilometers.

When we carry multichannel signals such as DVI or HDMI, the manufacturers offer alternatives in 4 fibers with a very tight price and solutions that through CWDM technology, allow the transmission using two or even a single fiber.

Avacab can supply you with both the transmitter and receiver equipment, as well as the fiber cable needed to implement each system. Avacab technicians can advise you on the solution that best suits your needs and budget, offering alternatives of different prices and qualities that ensure the success of each installation.