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Although any video mixer can stream connected to a computer via a capture card, or to the CDN with a streaming encoder, there are specific mixers that have H.264 output, which at least saves the capture card. Using several cameras when making a cooking show, bricolage or any other type of streaming, enhances any presentation. In addition of using each camera, the video mixer allows to introduce graphics, windows with information, views from different angles, etc. Web professionals include more effects and information every day, and can even make a traditional TV broadcast using social networks or specific channels.

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Blackmagic ATEM Mini 4 inputs HDMI video mixer


Compact and portable mixer with 4 HDMI inputs with scaler for multi-camera Internet productions. HDMI and USB output for streaming


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Roland VR-1HD 3 Channel AV Streaming Mixer

Product no.: ROL-VR-1HD

AV mixer for 3-channel HDMI streaming. USB output. Recording up to 1080p30. 3-channel digital audio mixer. PiP and Key effects


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Blackmagic Web Presenter - Internet SDI and HDMI transmitter


Allows to use any SDI or HDMI source as a webcam. USB output. HDMI and SDI inputs with Loop. XLR microphone and Hi-Fi audio inputs


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Roland VR-4HD 4-channel AV mixer and streaming

Product no.: ROL-VR-4HD

HD AV mixer, with usb 3.0 for streaming. 6 inputs and 4 video channels. HDMI RGB Composite and up to 1080p 


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Roland VR-50HDMK2 4-channel Multi-format AV Mixer

Product no.: ROL-VR-50HDMK2

Multi-format AV mixer with 4 video channels and 12 audio channels. SDI, HDMI, RGB/component, composite inputs. Processing 4:4:4 10bit


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Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Bundle mixer with transport case Nanuk


Pack consisting of this famous compact mixer with 4 HDMI inputs with scaler and ultra-rugged Nanuk brand case

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