BLACKMAGIC ATEM Production Studio 4K - 1ME Basic Production switcher

BLACKMAGIC ATEM Production Studio 4K - 1ME Basic Production switcher

Product no.: BMD-SWATEMPSW4K

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Professional video mixer that allows to connect up to 8 sources. It offers luminance and chrominance keyers, transitions, a multimedia panel, additional key channels to superimpose titles and graphics, a virtual audio console, multiviewer, etc. It has 4 SDI inputs up to 6G and 4 HDMI inputs, allowing the Production Studio 4K to seamlessly mix any 4K signal source for professional results. As with other Blackmagic mixers, all sources must work at the same resolution, the equipment does not scale input signals.

Main Features:

  • Key channels: 1
  • DSK channels: 2
  • Chrominance Key channels: 1
  • Luminance Key channels: 3
  • Channels for animated transitions and Special Effects: Not available
  • Total layers: 4
  • Pattern generators: 3
  • Color generators: 2
  • Visual effects with 3D edges and parallel shadow: Not available
  • Multi-display: Minimum resolution of the monitor 1366x768.
  • Multi-screen windows: 10
  • Assignable multi-screen windows: 8
  • Pilot light: Red light for on air signals, green for preview.
  • Source labels: Yes
  • Control panel: Virtual panel or optional physical panel.


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