EIZO ColorEdge CG3145 4K IPS post-production monitor

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31.1-inch DCI 4K (4096x2160) reference monitor with IPS panel and 10bit color depth. Ideal for post-production, video editing, and color correction environments in HDR workflows. It has a high brightness range of 1000cd/m2, allowing you to represent high dynamic range HDR image content without problems. Its contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1 allows you to reproduce deep dark tones in true black. The monitor supports HDR Hybrid Log Gamma and PQ Gamma Curves without automatic luminance limitation (ABL). Thus, it represents images with correct color and luminance values - for a true HDR experience.

Thanks to the High End, the two most used color spaces in post-production, DCI P3 and Rec.2020, are covered by 98% and 80% respectively. In this way, color reproduction is reliable and meets the needs of the industry. Its 10-bit color representation based on a 24-bit LUT offers more than a billion colors simultaneously, with finer gradations and smaller color differences between adjacent colors (delta E).

The monitor is compatible with the ColorNavigator NX quality control software produced by EIZO. ColorNavigator NX provides customer quality control and ColorEdge resource management capabilities. The software allows individual projects to assign individual values other than the default color mode, for example, for luminance or white point and gamma adjustments. This calibration information is stored directly on the monitor. For film and television production, ColorNavigator NX has the ability to emulate color data to the 3D LUT color gradation of a film to create an emulation on the monitor. It is available for emulation of five color modes.

The HDMI connection supports 24 fps signals, widely used for film and television. Although most monitors use a 60 fps scan that could probably cause images not to be displayed naturally, EIZO monitors now support scanning of 24 fps film material, making it easier to verify the final effect on the viewer. With video editing also in mind, the monitor is capable of displaying the most common frequencies and resolutions for HDMI signals at sampling frequencies of 60, 50, 30, 25, and 24 Hz. The monitor also features I/P conversion (progressive / interlaced).

The monitor covers a wide color gain, making it also suitable for printing and displaying RAW images. The WideGamut color space covers 99% of the Adobe RGB space. If the RAW photos are converted to Adobe RGB format, the monitor will then be able to reproduce them in an absolutely correct and natural way. Also in the printing process, EIZO monitors offer many advantages and almost completely cover the color space CMYK (as ISO and US Web Coated). Viewing the print results directly on the monitor means considerable time savings for professional users.


Features of the EIZO ColorEdge CG3145 Reference Monitor 

  • Authentic quality in high dynamic range HDR
  • 4K DCI Resolution (4096x2160)
  • Wide range of colour space (DCI P3 and Rec.2020 at 98% and 80% respectively)
  • 10-bit color depth
  • Precise reproduction thanks to the 3D colour chart
  • Color management using EIZO ColorNavigator NX quality control software
  • Uniform tonal value across the entire screen
  • 3D profiles for film and television production
  • Support for widely used scanning frequencies in video and film production (60, 50, 30, 25, and 24 Hz)
  • Backlit control buttons and quick, easily accessible menus
  • Wide colour gamut, also suitable for printing and displaying RAW images
  • Factory panel calibration adjustment with 343 reference points
  • Function of safe area markers
  • Light blinking function to avoid unwanted reflections
  • 5 Year Warranty




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  • v2.0
  • 31"


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