Panasonic AW-360B10 360º camera Stitching Processor

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The Panasonic AW-360B10 is the stitching processor for the 360 degree Panasonic AW-360C10 camera. The high-quality stitching function is processed in real time. It has automatic or manual stitching control through web browser. 4K (3840x2160) output via HDMI. It has automatic and manual exposure and white balance control. Monitoring through web browser. Low latency, ideal for live applications.

Omnidirectional video in the 2:1 equirectangular format is generated by splicing the output of the four cameras. Omnidirectional video conveys the sensation of being in different scenes, such as sports broadcasts, concerts or other live events held in stadiums.

The high quality 4K image quality (3840×1920) provides a realistic surround feel. It also offers a high level of operability, with natural images tailored to the environment in which they are being generated by automatically controlling exposure and output white balance from four cameras without the need for a PC. In addition, it enables seamless video generation thanks to the high-precision real-time active splice function that continuously shifts splicing position by automatically detecting a subject at the splice.

Real-time video streaming is made possible by the low latency at which high resolution 4K/30p video is generated. Easy installation and uninstallation in the recording center makes the job even easier. This system is not only capable of monitoring and changing the configuration remotely with a PC over the network, but also allows its control from an iPad in a Wi-Fi environment. In addition, the 360º live camera is designed for professional use and offers high reliability with features suited to the smallest needs, such as avoiding unexpected cable removal.


Features of the Stitching Panasonic AW-360B10 processor:

  • 360-degree coverage with four synchronized cameras for 2:1 aspect ratio
  • 360-degree uncompressed 4K video output (HDMI)
  •  Real-time high-precision real-time stitching
  • Suitable for live applications with low latency
  • Automatic white balance and exposure
  • Real-time Active Stitching function: Perfect quality video is automatically generated by object detection at the junction and continuous change of splice position.

NOTE: 360º camera (AW-360C10) required for processor operation and operability is not included. AG-C20003G control cable and HDMI cables not included.



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