Sony PXW-Z280 XDCAM 4K HDR Camcorder with 3 CMOS sensors

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Professional 4K camcorder with three 1/2 type CMOS Exmor R™, which produce a great depth of field with superior image quality. Independent image sensors for each separate color individually capture red, blue and green light, contributing to high resolution, high sensitivity of F12 (59.94p) and wide dynamic range. A state-of-the-art LSI (with intelligent noise reduction, improved detail reproduction and distortion correction technologies) provides extraordinarily realistic 10-bit 4K 4:2:2 images. Even in HD, recordings will capture the level of detail and texture of images that HD sensors fail to appreciate.

The camera section of the PXW-Z280 is equipped with a professional 17x zoom lens, capable of zooming from 30.3 to 515mm (equivalent to 35mm). The 1/2″ lens has three independent adjustment rings with stop, which allow manual control of focus, zoom and iris, allowing better and faster adjustment. The image can be enlarged, in HD mode, equivalent to a zoom of up to 34x, while maintaining FullHD resolution thanks to digital extender.

The Z280 gives you a choice of two workflows for HDR content generation:

  • S-Log3 is the proven choice for the most demanding applications, where you need to capture as much data as possible for ultimate gradation flexibility.
  • Immediate HDR workflow is based on speed. Record, edit, and view content in Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) to get it ready quickly without diminishing image expressiveness or content quality.

New facial-recognition AF is included, allowing you to choose between face priority autofocus and face only autofocus. Just keep the person in the frame, and no matter how much you move the camera to find a better angle, the PXW-Z280 will keep the subject in sharp focus.

It integrates electronic variable neutral density filters into the body of a camcorder, allowing fast and agile recording. Moving from shaded interiors to bright exteriors is no longer a problem with the PXW-Z280. Unlike conventional optical ND filters, the PXW-Z280's electronic ND filter can be controlled linearly from ND 1/4 to ND 1/128 and set to fully automatic mode. You can even adjust the depth of field manually with the lens' iris ring, while using the PXW-Z280 to maintain a constant exposure, without changing the gain or shutter speed.

12G-SDI interface that transfers content at 12Gbps (four times the bandwidth of 3G-SDI) over a single cable, ideal for working with the highest quality 4K content or streamlining the process with HD content. Sony is the first Broadcast manufacturer to integrate 12G-SDI into a compact handheld camcorder.

The large, high-quality 0.5″ OLED viewfinder scrolls easily for incredible accuracy, allowing comfortable viewing with the right or left eye. The superior precision, high contrast and high resolution (2,360,000 points) of OLED technology allows precise manual focusing and eliminates any phenomenon of color breakage.

The camcorder is equipped with two SxS memory card slots, so you can record in simultaneous, sequential or backup recording modes. Simultaneous mode allows simultaneous recording on two memory cards, including MPEG HD exFAT and UDF recording, ideal for archiving purposes. The sequential mode automatically switches the recording from the first to the second memory card when the first card is full, to extend the recording time. In backup mode, users can configure the PXW-Z280's two start/stop buttons, one on the handle and one on the camera body, to independently start and stop recording on different memory cards while recording in simultaneous mode (Simultaneous and backup recording are limited to HD operation).

It comes with 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi as standard. Simply turn it on and connect to the network to enjoy a wide variety of advanced wireless production features:

  • Dual Link mobile connection: uses two mobile networks to provide an even more reliable network connection
  • Streaming with high-quality Sony QoS technology to the network RX station (sold separately) and XDCAM air allows live image transmission from the camcorder
  • FTP Transfer
  • Cutting function available for proxy and PGM without using a PC
  • XDCAM air allows proxy material to be loaded into the cloud from multiple camera operators
  • Wi-Fi/NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity with Content Browser Mobile™ that allows you to control the PXW-Z280 from a smartphone.
  • Wired LAN port

The Sony PXW-Z280 records high quality XAVC Intra and XAVC Long GOP files. XAVC technology, based on the H.264 standard, provides exceptionally robust and efficient compression. XAVC Intra compression (frame) means that each frame is encoded separately from the rest of the frames, giving a better image quality, without problems. XAVC Long GOP applies compression across multiple frames and reduces file size to streamline ingest and editing, while saving on recording media. The XAVC codec adopts 10-bit sampling for high-definition recording with rich tonal expression.

The high quality MPEG HD422 recording at 50 Mbps is fully compatible with the latest EBU recommendations for long-lasting content and is widely accepted by Broadcasters and producers. This recording capability makes the PXW-Z280 the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications, including news and documentary production. Many broadcasters and producers still use the powerful DVCAM format, which the PXW-Z280 supports at the touch of a button.

Sony PXW-Z280 XDCAM Handheld Camcorder Features

  • Professional 4K 4:2:2 10 Bit Camcorder
  • Three Exmor CMOS sensors R™ type 1/2
  • Sensitivity F12 (59.94p)
  • Professional 17x zoom lens from 30.3 to 515mm (35mm equivalent)
  • Three independent control rings for focus, zoom and iris, with stop
  • HDR S-Log3 and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG)
  • Face recognition AF with face priority or autofocus on the face only
  • Electronic Variable Neutral Density Filters
  • 12G-SDI output
  • OLED 0,5″ viewfinder
  • Two SxS card slots with simultaneous, sequential or backup recording
  • 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi as standard
  • Records XAVC Intra and XAVC Long GOP files
  • High quality MPEG HD422 recording at 50 Mbps


Additional product information

  • Focus Assist
  • Ref Input
Media Format
  • SxS Cards
Lens Mount
  • Fixed
Codec / Files
  • XAVC
  • MPEG
  • MXF


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