Swit PB-S220A Digital Battery Gold-mount 220Wh

Swit PB-S220A Digital Battery Gold-mount 220Wh

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220Wh Gold-mount Multi-socket digital battery specially designed for the latest generation of film cameras, with a square design for uniform anchorage, thanks to its compact design, shorter than normal V/Gold mounting batteries, perfectly match with most of today's film cameras. The PB-S220A has a capacity of 220Wh/15.3Ah, being able to deliver a maximum power of 150W/12A. It has 4 D-Tap connections and a USB port capable of delivering 5V/2A at its output. Its innovative informative display shows accurate information in real time of the percentage of charge, useful life of the battery, the number of charge cycles and messages of warnings, alarms and errors.

The SWIT PB-S220A battery is manufactured with 24 cells of high quality 18650, with a nominal voltage of 14.4V, reaches a high capacity of 220Wh/15.3Ah. It can operate for approximately 7 hours in normal ENG chambers and approximately 2.5 hours in the Alexa ARRI. It is equipped with 4 DC output sockets for D-tap connection, which can feed other camera equipment at the same time. The maximum output current of D-tap is 10A, 120W. It also has 1 USB 5V/2A output port, which can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices.

The new information display integrated in the PB-S220A battery shows digital power information. The LCD display accurately shows the remaining runtime, the percentage of remaining power, the remaining working time, low power warning and the number of battery charge cycles, as well as information in the viewfinder of Sony and RED cameras. The LCD display also provides alarm codes for possible errors and protection warnings for overcharging, low power, short circuit, overvoltage and high temperature.

Normal lithium-ion batteries offer 100W/8A output and are suitable for most ENG cameras, but Cine cameras such as ALEXA require 85W power consumption, which is too heavy for normal lithium-ion batteries: battery life will be reduced if it is powered over the long term by total power consumption. Also, if there is a monitor, the wireless system works together, the total power will be greater than 110W, normal batteries cannot be completely discharged. Using the high charge battery PB-S220A, you can get a constant power output MAX 150W/12A, which can handle more high power cameras, LCD monitor and other equipment easily, and will not reduce the battery life during a long high power output time. 

The PB-S220A supports a rapid charge of 6A by means of the rapid charger SWIT S-3812, to save more than 50% of the charging time. The 220Wh PB-S220A battery can be charged from 0 to 80% after 2.3 hours, and fully charged in 3.5 hours. 

The battery has multiple safety protections. It has an MCU to measure and record data in real time, and will cut power when it detects over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, high or low temperature. In addition, the battery housing is made of ABS material, with optimized design and non-slip for safe handling. 


SWIT PB-S220A Battery Features

  • Square-shaped design for film cameras
  • Maximum load power of 150W/12A
  • 4 D-Tap output jacks (Max. 120W/10A)
  • 1 USB 5V/2A output port
  • Supports 6A fast charge
  • LCD display accurately shows the remaining operating time
  • Power information in the viewfinder for Sony and RED cameras
  • Multiple protection circuits


Technical Specifications

  • Model: PB-S220A
  • Battery plate: Gold-mount
  • Rated voltage: 14.4V
  • Capacity: 220Wh/15.3Ah
  • Maximum output power: 150W/12A
  • Maximum output power D.TAP: 120W/10A
  • Maximum USB output power: 10W, 5V/2A
  • Maximum total power: 150W
  • Maximum charge current: 6A fast charge
  • Number of D-TAP connections: 4
  • Number of USB connections: 1
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
  • Approx. Net Weight: 1.435kg
  • Dimensions: 121×95×99mm



Additional product information

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  • Black
  • Red
Valid for
  • General
  • BM URSA Mini
  • RED
  • Anton Bauer
D-Tap Yes
  • More than 200Wh

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